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Gary Keshner

My Headshot

Who is Gary Keshner?

Combine Jackie Gleason, Buddy Hacket, Rodney Dangerfield, a pinch of oregano and some Gouda cheese and you have some idea of what Gary had for dinner.

His love for comedy began very early.  At 11 years old he would listen to his family’s comedy albums so often he could do the routines verbatim.  This led to him being the class clown from then onto his college years. 

He didn’t get to the stage until the late 90’s as his wife and kids unreasonably insisted he earn a "decent" living.  But from the moment he stepped on stage he has never looked back.   His self deprecating humor and quick wit makes him a favorite everywhere he performs.

NBC'S Janes NY 2004

See me in "Last Night In Brooklyn" 2008

See me in "Pressure" 2008

Too late to see me in this one... sorrrrry!!!


This is me as sitting bull in "Annie Get Your Gun"
click on pic to see more

I'm Little Phil in "Last Night in Brooklyn"

I actually look a lot better than this ! !

Me in Pips

I live in Brooklyn, NY
But for work I am willing to move to or visit:
  • Beverly Hills
  • Hawaii
  • Cayman Islands
  • Las Vegas
  • Bayonne, NJ
  • Umm.. forget i said    Bayonne

    Cell: (917) 254-9085

any questions? email me.

Why are you reading this.  Get a life !

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