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Gary's Computer Repair
What do I do? .. Good question!
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Get Your Computer Repaired Correctly

Years of Experience Fixing Computer Related Problems. My cost is always very fair.

• Virus Removal: Any Kind. No Matter How Infected is Your Computer. Remember, There's Always a Way to Get Rid of a Virus. Some Time It's a Hard Job, But Always Possible.

• Operating System Install/Upgrade:

• Data Recovery: Deleted Data From the Recycle Bin, Infected Disk, or Even a Formatted Disk? I'll Recover it.

• Maintenace: Clean of Unnecessary Files, Clean of The System Registry, Clean of The Cache.


Welcome to Gary's Computer Repair.
I am located in Bensonhurst... Brooklyn, New York...
Phone...   347-384-4734

Call me.. I can save you
time and money
aggravation !!!

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I will save your computer and save you money!